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Gmail Undo Send

July 13, 2018

At long last, Gmail has already taken the “Undo Send” feature from the labs and it is now an official feature that every Gmail user can enjoy. So, unlike before, you can now officially undo those embarrassing emails that you’ve sent without leaving a bad impression.

To enable the “Undo Send” feature in Gmail, here’s what you need to do:

Coupon Codes

June 30, 2018

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Yes they are. That question is very similar to tihs one: Is knives are legal? Yes, if you use them for good purposes.

If you are running the Windows operating system and are looking for a quality monitoring tool there are keyloggers which are compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10. Although people who are knowledgeable about keyloggers tend to feel that they are associated with malware, a keylogger can also be used for positive purposes.

Before you install a Keylogger it is important to understand how it is legally used and some of the functions it serves.

A lot of computer users all over the world, at some point in their journey through the world of zeros and ones, would have had access to sensitive information of some sort, either on their personal or work computers. They would probably have had to go about with their hearts in their mouths wondering when some unauthorized eyes would take a peek at their very sensitive document. This is especially true in situations where the computer is in a public or communal space and can be easily accessed by anyone.

Microsoft Windows users can enable, disable or change their screen saver as well as adjust its properties by following the steps below.

Have you had enough of those annoying email spams and unsolicited newsletters? Well, you can always opt-out from these types of emails in just one click. If you don’t know how, just read this guide and carefully follow the instructions listed below. Just keep in mind that this method will only work if you’re using Gmail on Google Chrome.

Laurel or Yanny?

May 18, 2018

Some people who listen to this audio file hear one thing; others hear something completely different. It's like it was put on the internet just to sow discord.
Introducing: the Yanny-Laurel debate that's fractured the internet.

Browser Marketshare (2018)

Google Chrome is the world’s most popular web browser according to StatCounter, with over 50 percent of the market. This comes as no surprise since Google has put a lot of work on Chrome over the past few years, making it more attractive to users than any other modern browser today.

How to Make iPhone Ringtone from MP3

If you are an Android phone user, you know how easy it is to set any MP3 song or its clip as a ringtone. For iPhone, follow the steps below:

How to disable webcam on PC

Webcam spying is turning out to be a major threat these days and that’s why it is better to disable your webcam so that hackers do not hack your webcam. There have been many incidents reported from all over the world about how hackers can access your webcam and spy your online proceedings and anything hooked to your network. They can then modify these images and videos in compromising ways and upload them to various websites. Therefore, it is better to disable your webcam for the safety of your family members and yourself.

How to free up hard disk space

Today, you can get hard drives with 2 TB of space. But somehow, whatever be the size, they run out of space quickly. When your hard drive is full or near to full, it shows in the performance of your system. So, how can your free up hard disk space? Here are some tips to free up hard disk space and improve the overall performance of your system.